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A Happy Workplace

“People rarely succeed unless they improve and happy in what they are doing.” Thus, BPC Group not only offer development programs to our employees, the Group also ensure a happy, healthy, and productive workplace. Thus, as part of BPC Group’s continuous improvement in making BPC the best workplace and its overall HSE implementation. A home alike garden and discussion area has been set up for our employee to “take a break” while brainstorming for ideas. 

The Leaders of Tomorrow

Occupational Safety In Logistics - BPC Cambodia

To uphold our Group’s Core Value of Capability. We look important on building the leaders of tomorrow in our Group.

We organized Industry 4.0 workshops for our senior colleagues, while they are compulsories to provide active guidance for junior colleagues.

Learning aspects such as soft skills, team management, etc. were shared through an organization wide leadership programs.

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We Learn from Veteran

Occupational Safety In Logistics - BPC Cambodia

Occupational Safety In Logistics - BPC Cambodia
With our Group’s Core Value of Longevity – Deliver products, services, and partnerships that will endure the test of time, we strive to be at the fore front of the industry and offer the best products and services. Thus, we continuously learn from regional best practices, we often invited regional experts and industry veterans to conduct in-house trainings with topics such as Sales and Communications, Work Best Practices, Success Motivation, etc. With our continuous improvement, comes capability to endure the test of time.

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