Donation to Kanthabopha Children’s Hospital

Donation to Kanthabopha Children’s Hospital

BPC Group believes “healthier kids today is healthier society tomorrow”. Recently, BPC Group has donated USD 50,000 as continued support to Kanthabopha Children’s hospital’s operation. BPC Group also hopes to continue working together with the hospital and royal government in bringing smiles and a bright future to Cambodia.

Donation To Kanthabopha Children’s Hospital 2022 - BPC Cambodia

Why our vision matter?

Our company’s vision was formed by three factors. First, we strive to upbringing the modernization of Cambodian enterprises. Second, we continue to work closely with both local and foreign partners in introducing new products, services, technologies, and standards. Third, we continue to ensure consistent standard and quality of our deliverables. Thus, we visioned ourselves to be the ideal Cambodian business partner for everyone.

A Happy Workplace

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“People rarely succeed unless they improve and happy in what they are doing.” Thus, BPC Group not only offer development programs to our employees, the Group also ensure a happy, healthy, and productive workplace. Thus, as part of BPC Group’s continuous improvement in making BPC the best workplace and its overall HSE implementation. A home alike garden and discussion area has been set up for our employee to “take a break” while brainstorming for ideas.