Continues Effort in Health, Safety, and Environment Commitment

It is always a top priority for BPC Group to ensure that each of its employees have a safe and healthy working environment and good quality of life. Thus, BPC Group expect every operation to achieve year-over-year improvements in health, safety, and environmental performances.

In 2021, BPC Group has launched series of initiatives to equip every person at the workplace with the right training and knowledge to eliminate at-risk behaviors and conditions to protect themselves and their co-workers. Additionally, BPC Group promoted workplace best practices to minimize any adverse environmental impacts related to its activities, products, and services. These practices are valued at every level of BPC Group and serve as the foundation on which all priorities are developed.

BPC Group will continue to operate a manner that protects the health and safety of its workforce and communities, and ensure decisions are consistent with a long-term view of sustainability and stewardship.