Together, we fight COVID-19

In this COVID-19 pandemic period, we committed our best to fight the spread of virus.

Workplace Safety – In our workplace, we strictly follow government’s guideline in preventing the widespread of the virus. Daily disinfections were conducted at workplace. Additionally, we have installed thermometer, sanitization kit, medical air-purifier, and UV disinfection machines at every corner of the workplace. Staff are also encouraged to frequently do health check and utilize disinfection facilities that the Group provides.

Social Responsibility – Our Group firmly believe that our achievement today is given by the society, hence, we will never forget to give back to the society. During the lockdown period, we have contributed daily goods to the underprivileged communities. We have also contributed food and drinks to the front-liner to appreciate their sacrifice during this pandemic period.

#safetyfirst #togetherwefightcovid