Corporate Responsibilities

Our new ESG Planning – Reducing Carbon Footprint

One in five of the world’s 2,000 largest publicly listed companies have now committed to a “net-zero” emissions target — meaning that by 2050 they will produce close to zero emissions and will offset the remaining. BPC Group support the similar idea, and has started its ESG planning with reducing carbon footprint in its businesses. BPC Group have installed its first batch of electric vehicles (“EV”) and expected more EV adaptation in the future.  

Occupational Safety in Logistics

Occupational Safety in Logistics is consistently a top concern of our businesses at all levels. In order to protect our companies, our vehicles, and – most importantly our employees, we routinely check our safety driving procedure, as well as the conditions of our vehicles. We actively communicate with our employees on logistic safety awareness. Relevant data and lessons learned were shared with our employees so that we can understand and avoid repeating others’ mistakes. We also reward safety-conscious behavior with Cash Award. These initiatives are not only to keep the driver and other stakeholders safe, but also to change driver attitudes, improve behavior, and increase skills to build a "be safe" culture. Thus, with these basis, we could ensure timely delivery and a “safe and happy working relationship” with our stakeholders.

Always be Future Ready

Change is constant and unavoidable. To better respond, adapt, and thrive in this new era of rapid and unpredictable change, BPC Group’s operations are equipped with the latest technology solution. BPC Group also always ensure its employees to be able to flex, stretch, and evolve to meet the challenges that can’t yet imagine. In 2021, BPC Group organized series of workshops. Veteran industry leaders were invited to train the employees and ensure employees’ capability improvement as well as stay relevant with the industry. These workshop topics include IT Change Management, Modern Leadership, Finance for Non-Finance Manager, etc. BPC Group is committed to build a future-ready workforce—by rethinking work itself and the ways in which employees prepare themselves to be successful, both today and tomorrow. BPC Group will continue to invest on people and technology, while expanding into new different sectors.

Continues Effort in Health, Safety, and Environment Commitment

It is always a top priority for BPC Group to ensure that each of its employees have a safe and healthy working environment and good quality of life. Thus, BPC Group expect every operation to achieve year-over-year improvements in health, safety, and environmental performances. In 2021, BPC Group has launched series of initiatives to equip every person at the workplace with the right training and knowledge to eliminate at-risk behaviors and conditions to protect themselves and their co-workers. Additionally, BPC Group promoted workplace best practices to minimize any adverse environmental impacts related to its activities, products, and services. These practices are valued at every level of BPC Group and serve as the foundation on which all priorities are developed. BPC Group will continue to operate a manner that protects the health and safety of its workforce and communities, and ensure decisions are consistent with a long-term view of sustainability and stewardship.

Together, we fight COVID-19

In this COVID-19 pandemic period, we committed our best to fight the spread of virus.

Workplace Safety – In our workplace, we strictly follow government’s guideline in preventing the widespread of the virus. Daily disinfections were conducted at workplace. Additionally, we have installed thermometer, sanitization kit, medical air-purifier, and UV disinfection machines at every corner of the workplace. Staff are also encouraged to frequently do health check and utilize disinfection facilities that the Group provides.

Social Responsibility – Our Group firmly believe that our achievement today is given by the society, hence, we will never forget to give back to the society. During the lockdown period, we have contributed daily goods to the underprivileged communities. We have also contributed food and drinks to the front-liner to appreciate their sacrifice during this pandemic period.
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